2016-09-10 16:47:01 by Tygrysek


It's coming.

I'm cooking new beats again.

I do not want to upload this preview here, because it has one premade loop which I just couldn't redo myself, no matter what. I can't risk a permban.

After I get unbanned here, I'm uploading this song when it's finished. Also, PartyStorm will be remade and shortened for Geometry Dash purpouses. But tell me, if you want the second half or first half of the song ;v




2015-11-11 09:07:24 by Tygrysek

Seems I've lost ideas for a good drop. I can't think of something that could sound pretty good for you...

So I don't know what to do...

I wanted to try making Melodic Dubstep too, but I don't know how to start with it... I can't think of something that could sound really happy and motivational...

So the next song won't come out fast, and I'm sorry for that :(

Just so you don't ask out about it everywhere, I made the songs a long time ago. I just decided to share them somewhere, so I chose this site. Thanks for reading :)