Some new thing shines on the horizon :)

2015-12-15 12:21:29 by Tygrysek

After I get unbanned here, I'm uploading this song when it's finished. Also, PartyStorm will be remade and shortened for Geometry Dash purpouses. But tell me, if you want the second half or first half of the song ;v




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2015-12-20 11:18:28

Was gonna use PartyStorm- The full one. Please can you upload both the shortened and the fill-length one?

Tygrysek responds:

I won't upload the full PartyStorm.
I don't want my NG account to get rekt for life.


2015-12-30 21:50:47

Tygrysek, you're really gonna get banned if you upload the full PartyStorm? What's wrong with that? Is it too long?

Tygrysek responds:

It uses Vengeance loops.
Too much loops.


2016-01-16 05:13:31

I think you should make first half and second half and upload them :P


2016-01-30 04:16:32

First half!


2016-02-03 15:28:43

for you to not get rekt for life, remix it a bit, then post it
cause else it might get rekt again...


2016-09-01 13:36:51

Upload both. Or will THAT get you banned? If so, definitely the first half.